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Get a professionally contoured and beautifully finished soft or full glam makeup that will surely turn heads. Eyelashes are included.


We offer a private 3-4 hour makeup lesson where we will show you how to do a full face from start to finish. This lesson is perfect for makeup novices, the woman who wants to improve her makeup skills, needs feedback on how to use products she already owns and recommendations on what to buy. The lesson covers the following:


  • Prepping skin for makeup;

  • Perfecting skin with foundation and concealer;

  • Perfecting brows;

  • Proper use of makeup brushes and sponges;

  • Proper application of powder, bronzers/contour, highlight and blush;

  • Bringing out your eyes using eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara;

  • Proper application of lip liner and lipstick;

  • Product and technique recommendations based on your specific skin type and facial features.


The makeup of the bride should not only make her look flawless but should boost the look of the outfit fully. The color of eyeshadow, lipstick should synchronize with the outfit color. And this is an important factor which we maintain. This service can also be booked for bridesmaids.


If you would like to begin in the beautiful world of makeup and you want to start only with the basics, get a taste of this wonderful career or simply add makeup skills to your professional portfolio, this course is perfect for you. 

Classes are small groups (max. 10 people) so we guarantee you personalized and focused attention from the teacher.

Top service! Very clear explanation of whole procedure, requirements for aftercare and expectations! Satisfied client.

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